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We are live!

We are so excited to finally be able to launch our ICO after all of the hard work and preparation that has gone into it. We believe in creating a better world with personal development and can't wait to see what the future holds as we move forward with this exciting opportunity.

Watch before starting the ICO process

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Important Notice: For smooth ICO participation, please maintain a minimum balance of $200 in ETH or BNB for gas fees, depending on your chosen blockchain. Our optimized smart contract aims to minimize gas fees, resulting in significantly lower actual costs.


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Important information for buying and using LGCT


Carefree purchase process

For a carefree purchase process, we recommend to do it on desktop with metamask. Mobile and other wallets are supported as well but errors might occur.


Sufficient wallet funds required

Make sure that you have enough funds in your wallet to pay the gas fees (BNB if you buy on binance smart chain or ETH if you buy on ethereum).


Lower gas fees on Binance Smart Chain

We recommend to buy on binance smart chain due to the significantly lower gas fees.


Direct LGCT delivery on chosen blockchain

You will receive your purchased LGCT directly on the blockchain you chose. Tokens can be bridged later directly in the Legacy Wallet.


Staking on Binance Smart Chain and VeChain only

Staking will only be available on binance smart chain and VeChain due to the high gas fees on Ethereum.


Constantly optimizing launchpad

We are constantly optimizing our launchpad, new features will be added on a regular basis.

The world's most innovative personal development app

  • Connect with like-minded people and create your own legacy
  • Receive individual quests for your personal growth
  • Learn about the things school didn't teach you
  • Playfully improve all areas of your life
More about our products

What is LGCT?

Legacy Token (LGCT) is a multichain utility and payment token which allows users to get the most out of the Legacy Network ecosystem. With a max supply of 720,000,000, the Legacy Token powers the economy across the Legacy products.

Token Utility

Get rewarded for learning

Our goal is to make education as playful and entertaining as possible. Many people struggle with building the necessary discipline to educate themselves on a regular basis. The main reason for this problematic is found in neurology. As things stand today, most people are neurologically addicted to instant gratification, short-termed dopamine release within the brain. We aim to take advantage of this effect and to use it for the user instead of using it against him

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Get access to our products and services

The Legacy Token (LGCT) serves as the main payment method for subscriptions and purchases within our ecosystem. This allows us to create automatisms such as redistributions and to act independently of third-party providers.

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Stake your Legacy Token (LGCT) for additional benefits

Staking your Legacy Token (LGCT) will grant you additional benefits such as staking rewards, airdrops, whitelist spots, discounts and access to exclusive services.

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Business to business utility

We plan to make selected parts of our ecosystem such as content libraries and code accessible for other businesses in future. The Legacy Token (LGCT) will be needed to access our B2B services which will benefit the community.

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Get rewarded for contributing to our ecosystem

In future, users will be able to perform certain actions within the social part of our ecosystem and to earn rewards for doing so.

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More about to come

We haven't even started yet! Our goal is to create as much value for our community as possible. For this reason, new, exciting features will be announced on a regular basis.

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